Board of Trustees


Junta General

Our Board of Directors is conformed by 39 members and 3 ex officio members. They give their time and their experience as prestigious entrepreneurs to take care of the management and well-being of our great charitable organization. Remarkably, none of them receives any type of economic remuneration for their work. They do it as a pro-bono work.

These 39 members are elected by vote, while the 3 ex officio members are appointed by the public entities of Guayaquil being the Municipality of Guayaquil, the Prosecutor's Office of Guayas and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Guayaquil. They supervise the management of our various dependencies.

Unlike a traditional Board of Directors, our members supervise matters on daily basis, thus ensuring the achievement of high levels of operations in all dependencies, services and administrative areas, so to have our charitable work permanently active.

Each member acts in a spirit of body, responsibly and selflessly, exercising good judgment and is committed to work with integrity which is the essential characteristic of all our affairs.

Faithfully to the legacy of our founders, the members of our Board of Directors, know how to maintain the trust of the public by carrying out an efficient administration in all the dependencies that is charitable organization runs.


Juan Xavier Cordovez O.

First Vice - Director

Iván Baquerizo A.

Second Vice - Director

José Enrique Ribas D.


  • Jose Algelt K.
  • Leopoldo Amador P.
  • Carlos Andrade G.
  • Andrés Aspiazu E.
  • Ricardo Amador B.
  • Luis Cabezas P.
  • Danilo Carrera D.
  • Galo García F.
  • Roberto Gómez-Lince O.
  • José Fernando Gómez R.
  • Julio Guzman B.
  • Roberto Hanze S.
  • Luis Huerta N.
  • Miguel Macias C.
  • Juan Marcet G.
  • Xavier Marcos S.
  • Juan Martinez I.
  • Ernesto Noboa B.
  • Oscar Orrantia V.
  • Miguel Pérez Q.
  • Alejandro Ponce H.
  • Eduardo Romero C.
  • Benjamín Rosales V.
  • José Luis Salazar A.
  • José Salazar B.
  • Jorge Tola M.
  • Marcelo Torres B.
  • Luis Trujillo B.
  • Carlos Vergara C.
  • Luis Vernaza A.


Born Members