Funeral Services


Cemetery Patrimonial


Since 1843, Cementerio Patrimonial has become the resting place for millions of Ecuadorians who are no longer among us.

Previously located in the outskirts of the city, today the cemetery is a historical landmark located downtown next to the city's most iconic hills: Cerro del Carmen.

Hundreds of impressive monuments, mausoleums, tombs and vaults stand next to each other forming unique irregular shapes that surround the hills. The magnificent beauty of the cemetery has earned it National Heritage status, and has become a tourist hotspot for locals and foreigners alike. To meet the needs of our increasing population, we are currently building a new cemetery called Panteon Metropolitano.

We continue to offer complete funeral services at very affordable prices, maintaining our high quality standards at all times. All our beneficiaries are granted perpetual ownership and property tax waivers for their mortuary space. With this, the deceased's relatives are free from future debts, which gives them peace in a moment of grief. 

We have the required equipment and certifications to perform cremation services for people and other private cemeteries.

Here, we also offer humanitarian aid, providing free funeral services to those who cannot afford them. All income generated by the cemetery helps us to partially cover expenses for our extensive work, allowing us to lend a hand to those in need.