Focus Areas


The vast benfit work of Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil spans a human being's lifespan since this endeavor has grown to cover all aspects of  person's life from birth on to the end.

This magnificent benefit work is carried out through our different branches. Thus we offera wide range of assistance to help those most in need in Ecuador throughout all stages in their lives, that is, health, education and care for the elderly.

Within this country, and perhaps in others, there is no other entity that affords such a wide range of public assistance.

People come into the world at the Women's Hospital Alfredo G. Paulson. They are attended to during infancy at the Hospital de Niños Roberto Gilbert E., schooled in the Jose Domingo Santistevan and Santa Luisa de Marillac Educational Units as well as the Manuel Galecio and Calderón Ayluardo shelters. When they reach adulthood we treat their physical illnesses at the Luis Vernaza Hospital, and if need be, their mental problems at the Insituto de Neurociencias. In their old age, shelter is provided at Bien Publico and Corazón de Jesús Old People's Home, finally providing eternal rest at the General Cemetery.

Junta de Beneficencia of Guayaquil has maintained the pestige and reputation since 1888 as the larges social assistance organization in Ecuador, always showing solidarity with ecuadorians of scarce means.