webIMG 0468The gesture of solidarity from private companies and public institutions that trust in the work of Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil continues to be present through donations made to us in order to benefit the most vulnerable groups in the city.

The Directorate of Social Action and Education of the Municipality of Guayaquil donated to the girls of the Calderón Ayluardo Home, 92 units of toothbrushes, 200 packages of 16 sanitary napkins, 100 units of soap, and 45 600ml shampoo bottles.

The delivery was made by the Directors of DASE, Jorge Acayturri and Amalia Gallardo, Director and Deputy Director of the Directorate of Social Action and Education of the Municipality of Guayaquil, respectively.

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On the other hand, OPERFEL, a national company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of mass consumption products, donated a batch of 3609 units of wet wipes, that were distributed in the dependencies and in related social aid entities such as the Inés Chambers Home of the Child Protection Society, ASONIC, FUVIDA, Casa Cuna Foundation, Mercedes de Jesús Molina Shelter, Missionary Sisters of Charity “Mother Teresa of Calcutta”, and to Un Presente Diferente Foundation.

Viviana Muñoz, OPERFEL Marketing Manager, said that the company's commitment is with the community, which is why they are sure that Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil will be able to make the correct distribution to reach all the people who need it most.