Hospital Vernaza received respirators and equipment to strengthen the care of critical Covid cases


web IMG 5176 The donation of 3 respirators or mechanical ventilators, and protective equipment, among other supplies was made by the Salvar Vidas Trust to the Luis Vernaza Hospital of Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil, so to face the increase of critical cases of Covid- 19 that are treated in this center of national reference health. The respirators received will be immediately installed in the Vernaza Intensive Care Unit, which has 45 beds in the ICU for Covid- 19 patients, that are being used; and it has projected to expand to 60 beds, due to the increase in infections. Adrián Huerta, Hospital Manager, thanked this important donation and highlighted the importance of continuing working on the front line. "This will allow us to expand our capacity and to do more the community," Huerta said. Ralph Suástegui, Executive director of Salvar Vidas, pointed out that since the creation of this initiative they have contributed with donations of ventilators, endowments for infusion pumps and medicines to hospitals and health centers.