International non-profit organizations and Junta together in charity work


jbg partnersFor 2017, Cooperative Agreements have been drawn up which will allow wheelchair, implements, medicine and medical supplies donations without transportation costs to la Junta.


Thanks to our strategic allies such as Free Wheelchair Mission and the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints, la Junta will receive approximately 3 thousand wheelchairs which will help keep the delivery program of this implement on a permanent basis to benefit people of scarce economic means from different parts of Ecuador who receive one of these implements which comply with basic requisites which are the mainstay and constant nature of this donation.

Another donor is Mobility Worldwide which sends tricycles with a balance wheel for people with disabled legs. Furthermore, this year the Voluntarios de Santa Cruz Organization from Montreal, Canada benefitted 900 persons who received glasses and visual exams free of charge.

There are other implements related to improving mobility, as well as Hospital furniture donated by the Friends of Ecuador, Canadian Group, Whereas Direct Relief and Partners for World Health send medicine.

These donations are useful to attend our Hospital needs and deliver help at a National level for Health Centers and social aid entities making this a support chain to meet the needs of that population in need.