Thank you Dr. Maricel Manfreddi for your dedication to benefit the JBG nurses.



During 13 years, Ms. Maricel Manfredi worked with loyalty and affection at the Roberto Gilbert Elizalde and Alfredo Paulson hospitals, benefiting the nursing staff and nursing assistants with empowerment plans, personal and professional development, scholarships and seminars.

For this reason, Ing. Oscar Orrantia, on behalf of the Director of Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil, thanked her for such dedicated and outstanding work. “For us you represent the before and after, the self-esteem of our technical nurses, for their self-esteem rose a lot; the work environment changed. You did wonders! And when someone does that, the least is to show recognition, and more than that, our love " said Orrantia.

Ms. Maricel Manfredi, was a regional nursing advisor from PAHO. She recognized the need to give a strong boost to nursing research, promoting the development of the scientific production of nurses.