Nine hundred persons received visual attention and glasses free of charge


voluntarios santacruzEstela Armijos and Jessica Aurea arrived from Duràn and Yaguachi respectively to be attended to by Santa Cruz volunteers, a (coming to) free-of-charge Canadian Organization made up of eyesight specialists coming to Ecuador for a sixth year in a row through la Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil to improve visual conditions of persons of scarce means.

“Now I can clearly see the small lettering and even distinguish what that sign says”, said Estela referring to one a few meters away while Jessica thanked the doctors and La Junta for the attention received. “Now glasses are expensive and difficult to order them from a specialist which is why we sometimes buy these cheap ones they sell in the street which, in the long run, further ruin our eyesight,” commented Jessica after examinations conducted by the Santa Cruz volunteers with the modern equipment they brought down.

The visual campaign took place from Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th of June at la Junta de Beneficencia Neurosciences Institute and benefitted a total of 900 persons between men, women and children who arrived through foundations and social aid organizations from different parts of the country.