Medicine was donated to persons with muscular weakness


BeneficiariesOver 6 thousand 60 mg. pyridostigmine bromide pills, known as mestinon were delivered this past Sunday, December 10th, to 90 patients suffering from myasthenia gravis or “grave muscular weakness”. The donated medication is essential to control the illness` symptoms which elicit a serious deterioration in the osteo muscular system, oftentimes disabling whomever is suffering its effects.

To the National Foundation for myasthenia gravis Ecuador Funamigec they arrived from Alausì, Machala, Ambato, Quito, Cuenca, Manabí and many other places in the country to receive a measure of hope for their health. Once there, Dr. Luis Sarrazin representing la Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil delivered the medication free of charge whereby patients were assured of treatment for three months.

Rosa Lopez was one of the beneficiaries. She arrived with her 16 year-old son who has suffered myasthenia for 3 years. “Obtaining the medicine for it is very difficult, expensive and non-existant, even worse in Alausì where we live. Each 100 pill bottle has cost me between a hundred and a hundred and fifty dollars and we are poor. I am infinitely grateful to la Junta de Beneficencia for giving us this medication my son needs to avoid a crisis”, she commented.

Another beneficiary Maritza Moya arrived from Ambato. She has lived with myasthenia gravis half her life and needs to take 12 pills a day. “The crisis is intense. One feels very weak, short of breath and in risk of dying if we do not take the appropriate medication”, manifested Maritza and tearfully thanked Junta de Beneficencia for donating the medication they need to survive.

The funamigec president Martha Vera thanked Dr. Sarrazin and Junta de Beneficencia for the social help they have received. “With this donation we know we can continue treatment with good quality medicine until December and want to request that the Institution should continue to support us in this struggle for survival with this illness which is deteriorating our lives”, manifested Martha to her comrades in the struggle.