“Others cannot see what I see”


pllontopPaul Llontop was born in Peru, he is eighteen and blind. He arrived in Guayaquil four years ago and is an example of how one can overcome handicaps in life. Thanks to the Junta de Beneficencia he is studying at the José Domingo de Santistevan Educational unit free of charge.

This young student was born prematurely and with a torn retina. The light from the incubator affected one of his eyes and by the age of eight he had totally lost his eyesight.

On arrival in Ecuador he received love and solidarity. The Guayaquil Junta de Baneficencia extended a full scholarship to him for his last three years of secondary schooling at the Jose Domingo Santistevan Educational Unit.

"Even though I am familiar with the school, there is always someone to help me, not just walking, but also in schoolwork" says Paul. His way of expressing himself conveys serenity, warmth and warmth: "I would like to transform Ecuador into a world power since it has the necessary resources", he points out.

Paul is just another student in class, not just skillful in handling the Braille system, but intelligent enough to handle and take advantage of those facilities the school provides for his learning process, such as the jaws program, a text reader with a screen, which enables him to acquire theoretical knowledge in the computer he uses.

Before adversity, this exemplary young man decided to stand out, refusing to be intimidated. He shows gratitude to the Junta de Beneficencia by obtaining high grades, showing sincerity, modesty and above all a "clear vision" of life itself. "Others can't see what I see", he concludes.