“Thanks to the Junta I can now experience joy”


Tanya JimenezTanya Jimenez is twenty one. She is a single mother of three children to whom she devotes all her loving attention. The last one is a year-old, fun loving, very active boy named Jean Pierre who was born with a cracked harelip and a sunken palate, a problem unattended for lack of financial means.

"I've loved him from the first day regardless of those conditions in which he arrived. It was tough for me to accept he was born with this problem. He had trouble breastfeeding, he couldn't suck correctly and the food would come out of his nose when given the bottle. Special pacifiers were required to feed him, I felt scared and worried, I didn't know what to do or where to turn to", as related by Tanya.

The Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia learned about this case through RTS TV Channel in the community news program.

Tanya points out that, "I needed help to perform an operation on the baby because my financial situation is terrible."

Jean Pierre was attended to free of charge at the Roberto Gilbert Children's Hospital. "I still remember that June 3rd. It was the happiest day of my life... I received loving care and attention as well as all services, medicine, medical checkups, all free of charge including final surgery to correct the sunken palate which is also covered by the hospital", she commented.

"I am very grateful... Thanks to the Junta I can now be joyful, Jean Pierre is happier, very active and feels well. As his mother I see him well, leading a normal life, eating, playing, laughing... May God always bless the Junta for this work and for dispensing the love necessary to help those who need it the most," she concluded.