“Thanks to the Junta I can now see my daughter smile”


Luis SolorzanoValeria, who is barely seven, still does not understand what is happening to her. She just wants to put her little shoes on and come out to play with all her little friend as before but life has played a nasty trick on her and Valeria is suffering from giantism in her lower limbs.

Dr. Stalin Loor, a resident doctor from the Luis Vernaza plastic surgery ward, explains that this "is a congenital disease which consists of an out-of-control growth disorder of tissue relating to upper or lower limbs. In this case it was about both lower limbs," he said.

Luis Solorzano, Valeria's father remembers with sadness and nostalgia, when his daughter could run and play. However, little by little, as she grew, her legs began to hurt. "We took notice of her illness because her fingers grew continually larger. She couldn't put her shoes on and would say, Daddy it hurts. We were worried because we no longer knew what to do, we were desperate."

We live in the Manabi province, in El Carmen, and my little girl is the third of four children. The Camara Amiga (friendly camera) TC Television program made the case known to the public and we were subsequently contacted by the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia. Dr. Jorge Palacios, head of plastic surgery at the Luis Vernaza Hospital saw my daughter and said she was suffering from a disease called giantism and that it could be operated on.

On May 23rd of this year they operated on her right foot and on October 24th the left foot. Thank God everything came out fine and we have been given excellent attention here at the Luis Vernaza Hospital. Nurses and doctors give Valeria dolls and little presents. Valeria is delighted.

They performed several investigative studies and exams, all free of charge. The Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia is helping me on all matters.

"I thank God and the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia's Luis Vernaza Hospital as well as all those who collaborated when they saw my daughter.

I am most grateful. Now I can see my child smiling because she can put her little shoes on and come out to play as before."

Doctor Stalin Loor tells us that both surgeries have been successful. Both feet have been reconstructed in order that she can immediately resume normal activity.

"The truth is we feel pleased and most of all proud to be a part of a complex team such as the plastic surgery group of the Luis Vernaza Hospital. We feel committed to restoring a smile on this type of patient who often has no other recourse," said Doctor Loor.