"The Junta reached out a helping hand when I most needed it"


rveraRosario Vera, 42 years old, is a housewife who always struggled to bring up her daughter. Unfortunately a tumor affected internal organs seriously compromising her health. Thanks to the Junta de Beneficencia she was able to receive medical attention, free of charge, at the Luis Vernaza Hospital and has, today, significantly improved the quality of her life.

Rosario and her daughter were happy. However one day the mother began to feel terrible, swollen, exhausted, suffering acute coliec, fever and general discomfort. "Its awful not being able to do anything when one has been very active. I would start to cry and tell my daughter I could take it no more.... One thing is to tell the story and another to live through it," she says.

In desperation Rosario went to the media in the company of her friend Perla. The Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia immediately showed up after Channel One made the case known. "They came immediately to my house, took me to the Luis Vernaza Hospital in an ambulance where they performed all kinds of exams, ecos and X-rays. Later, the doctors informed me that a tumor was present, that it was progressing and affecting internal organs but that it was not malignant. It started growing during pregnancy and the tumor absorbed the baby. They told me I had to be operated and that they would remove my uterus and ovaries in order to be safe."

Grateful for the help, this feisty woman stressed the excellent attention received. "The help was inmense.....the doctors, the nurses are all very good persons and provided for a wonderful stay the whole time I was there. Everything was free of charge, the surgery, the exams, all of it, and they will continue to help me until I am completely well."

Today Rosario enjoy a better quality of life. She feels better, more agile and with the strength to both help her daughter with homework and tend to her own housework. "I always beseech God to allow me to carry on and I remain grateful to the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia Luis Vernaza Hospital and to Doctor Jorge Aguilar who took care of me. I have realized that there are charitable persons who will give us a hand when we need it the most and ask for nothing in return. These are the people from the Junta. Were it not for them, maybe I wouldn't be here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."