“My quality of life has improved after treating my systemic sclerosis”


nlopezFisfy-four-year-old Narcisa Lopez is a working woman with health problems due to systemic sclerosis which has gradually affected her body. Thanks to help provided by the Junta de Beneficencia, and through the Luis Vernaza Hospital, the quality of her life has improved substantially.

Narcisa always placed her family first. Always concerned that everything was in place, she washed, ironed, and worked at home fixing lunch for everyone, however, gradually she developed pain, so intense it would not allow her to perform any activities at all. "My blood pressure was too high, my skin began to stain, my hands to cramp with my toes and fingers going numb. I have a gland that doesn´t function; I use artificial saliva as well artificial tears, because I have none of the two. I was unable to swallow something dry and I have to drink a glass of water to be able to eat. Believe me the pain was unbearable, terrible", she commented.

Worried about her health, Narcisa´s family decided to call the RTS Television Channel because they did not have the financial means to afford treatment. It was then that the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia took notice of her case and immediately came to the rescue. She was transferred to the Luis Vernaza Hospital after several exams diagnosed her with systemic sclerosis.

Quite hopeful regarding her new situation Narcisa says she would ask God for a new opportunity to continue to live. "Thanks to doctors'medical attention as well as the Luis Vernaza Hospital I am now well. I have gradually recuperated by way of therapy and the pain has almost disappeared", she says. Medical attention, surgery, medicine and the appointments were free of charge for Narcisa. At present she is still receiving free medical attention to treat her illness.

"I have undergone great changes in my life. Before I couldn't exert effort, now I can fix lunch, I can work ....I couldn´t be more grateful deep in my heart and soul, first to God, the Junta and the Luis Vernaza for giving me another opportunity to continue living and forge ahead, thank you", she concluded.