129 years extending social assistance in all stages of life

129 years extending social assistance in all stages of life

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129 yearsThis 29th of January, La Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil will have completed 129 years in the service of authentic social assistance mainly to those most vulnerable in Ecuadorian society.

Its innovative approach to scientific, technological and academic areas as well as all of its administrative and technical processes make it a strong , modern institution which has transcended in time as an icon in health attention through its four hospitals, Luis Vernaza, Roberto Gilbert Children's Hospital, the Neurosciences Institute and the newly inaugurated Alfredo G. Paulson Women's Hospital which, in 2016, extended a total of 5 million 618 thousand medical appointments to Ecuadorians at large.

Its Hospitals are renowned on a national level with over 2 thousand beds, besides a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of highly complex illnesses in the different medical specialties. The Luis Vernaza Hospital stands out for its resolution capacity, its intelligent operating rooms and a specialization in kidney, cornea and liver transplants which have, from 2009 to this date, saved the lives of 388 Ecuadorians as well as its Unit for the Burnt, the bio-molecular laboratory and the Image Diagnosis Center.

Furthermore, it administers two educational establishments: The Santa Luisa de Marillac and the Josè Domigo de Santistevan Private Educational Unit as well as two Homes for minors: The Calderon Ayluardo and the Manuel Galecio Home (in Alausì). Also a Home for the elderly: The Corazon de Jesus Home, a shelter for elderly ladies: The Bien Pùblico Shelter; and two Cemeteries: The Guayaquil Patrimonial Cemetery and the Metropolitan Pantheon.

Social attention through wheelchairs, PET Cars, forearm prosthesis and other implements, donated are other aspects of the Institution's actions which for 129 years has and will remain in time to continue fulfilling its mission to serve those most in need.

Additional information through the following: Since August of 2016 the Roberto Gilbert Children's Hospital together with The Alfredo G. Paulson Women's Hospital make up the Alejandro Mann Hospital complex to attend to women and children's various medical specialties.

While the Roberto Gilbert Children's Hospital has specialized in congenital cardiopathy in the just born of very low corporal weight through one of the best Pediatric Cardio surgery Units in Ecuador.

The Unit for the burnt is another iconic area of the Roberto Gilbert Hospital attending to cases from all over the region; and a modern laboratory to perform the most complex clinical examinations with precision in the shortest span of time in such a way that medical doctors can receive a trustworthy and opportune diagnosis.



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