Our Partners

Our Partners

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Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil would like to express its utmost gratitude to all benefactors who have contributed financially and invested their time and efforts to help us do massive social work. People, businesses, foreign organizations and hospitals have joined our cause, allowing us to grow into the large NGO we are today.

We are deeply grateful to all organizations, private companies and donors for their priceless help and contribution toward our humanitarian work. Nevertheless, we still request that the community, national and international foundations join our efforts to help Ecuadorians in need. We invite you to be part of the huge humanitarian work we have carried out since 1888, and change the lives of thousands of underprivileged people.

Private Businesses

Private Ecuadorian businesses from all fields are present in our work, opening their hearts to the extensive work we do and investing a small amount of money every year toward helping people in need.

  • Aconse Asesores y Consejeros
  • Almacenes La Ganga
  • Créditos Económicos
  • Dascorp
  • Ecuasanitas
  • Corporación GPF
  • Grifine
  • Grupasa Grupo Papelero
  • Hansacom S.A.
  • Hidalgo e Hidalgo Constructores
  • Hotel Palace
  • Hotel Sheraton
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Kronos Laboratorios
  • Latina de Seguros
  • LG Electronics
  • Logban
  • Maquinarias Henriques
  • Papelera Nacional
  • Poligrup S.A.
  • Seguros Condor
  • Sociedad Agrícola e Industrial San Carlos S.A



We receive the help of non-profit institutions who contribute through their donations of medicines and medical supplies to equip our hospitals and share the help with smaller foundations in Ecuador.

  • Direct Relief
  • Free Wheelchair Mission
  • LDS Charities (Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Días)
  • Fundación Esquel
  • Fundación Ronald McDonald
  • Globus Relief
  • Health Partners International Canada
  • Partners for World Health

Humanitarian Medical Missions

Thanks to the foreign medical missions we receive each year, we can perform free surgeries on underprivileged people, who otherwise would not receive them, due to their complexity and high costs.

  • Voluntarios de Santa Cruz – Canadá Medición Visual y Entrega de Lentes sin costo
  • Project Perfect World - Ortopedia
  • Brigham Young University College of Nursing : Capacitación en Enfermería
  • Children's Heart Group, cardiología pediátrica
  • Healing the Children, urología pediátrica


From the beginning, there have been many generous donors who have contributed to our noble mission and hard work, and whose participation has been immortalized in our institutions, which were named after them. Starting with our founder, Francisco Campos Coello, many people have joined our efforts to help those in need.

The most recent donation we received came from The Paulson Family Foundation,. John Paulson, an American billionaire of Ecuadorian origin, trusted the reputation, history and experience of our organization and donated 15 million dollars to build our new maternal care hospital, which will be named Alfredo G. Paulson, after his father.

  • Arosemena de Santistevan Susana
  • Assaff Bucaram José
  • Avilés Rosendo
  • Beth Ernst
  • Bucaram de Assaff Olga
  • Coronel Julián, Dr.
  • Coronel Mateus Agustín
  • De Dillon Valdez Sophie Pepin-Donat
  • Domingo de Santistevan José
  • Durán-Ballén Romero Clemente
  • Fiallos de Naranjo Carmela
  • Fiallos Rosa
  • Galecio Manuel
  • Huésted Torbay Jorge
  • Janer Manuel
  • López Daniel
  • Luque de Díaz Ganados Carolina
  • Luque de Rodhe María
  • Mann Alejandro
  • Murdock David H.
  • Paulson John
  • Peña Gabriel
  • Pereira de Galecio Manuela de Jesús
  • Ponce Lorenzo
  • Roberts Paul W., Dr.
  • Rodriguez Domingo
  • Romero Calixto
  • Sanchez Rubio Pedro
  • Santistevan de Sánchez Bruno Mercedes
  • Santistevan de Sanz María
  • Santistevan Elizalde Vicente
  • Segale de Martini Juan
  • Sotomayor Enrique C.
  • Suarez Baquerizo Enrique
  • Suarez Baquerizo Hugo
  • Tous Febres-Cordero Lorenzo
  • Vélez José
  • Vignolo Ernesto
  • Villaseca Juan José
  • Wright de Durán Aurora
  • Yepez de Mosquera Isabel

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