Junta successfully put forth a conference called “Transforming attention to the patient”

Junta successfully put forth a conference called “Transforming attention to the patient”

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The conference was given past Wednesday July 5th at the Dr. Roberto Gilbert E. Children's Hospital with the participation of over 230 assistants, between students and health professionals from both the public and the private sector.

Diego Cevallos, Planetree Assistant Director for Latinamerica

With a considerable assistance the “transforming attention to the patient” conference came about. The event began with a few welcoming words from Evelyn Vera, Inspectorship Coordinator for Patient Innovation and Satisfaction from La Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil, who greeted assistants to the conference.

Speakers were Dr. Zonny Paruta, founder and coordinator for the Hospital's clown show; Chantal Fontaine, Director of Sathya Sai Human Values Institute for Ecuador; Ernesto Noboa, Innovering Opportunities Factory Founder, who shared guidelines and strategies to improve attention to patients at Hospital Centers.

During his exposition Dr. Zonny Paruta pointed out the Hospital clown was in charge of extending company, dramatization, cheering up and changing the environment in which the patient is hospitalized, as well as that of the family with a purpose mainly to reduce the stress these surroundings can elicit in people.

Meanwhile Chantal Fontaine stressed the importance of working from the heart.” One must free oneself from situations, complexes, envy and those feelings which prevent connection with the hearts of others. Each patient who enters a hospital offers an opportunity to grow as people”, she pointed out.

Ernesto Noboa pointed out that pharmacies should connect with each floor through hollow tubes as well the day care area to diminish, crowding in the office as well as corridors. “To transform attention and extend a more humanized and therapeutic service one must think of details such as these”, the consultor pointed out. The event's main speaker, Diego Cevallos, Planetree Director for Latinamerica, was then introduced. The statement was focused on the attention given to the person most important to the patient, a family member, as well as Hospital Centers' personnel.

Cevallos stressed the following: “Attention centered on the patient increases safety levels, greater understanding of treatments, improves communication among personnel, patients and family members as well as less relapse, less reentry and net savings in hospital expense.

“Transforming patient attention” is an innovation and Patient Satisfaction Inspectorship initiative from la Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil for the last 3 years. It implements, free of charge, innovative programs at its Hospitals to improve the quality of attention extended to all its patients.

Picture Lineup: Working with the heart. Innovative details, therapeutic massage, the music was present: during the break assistants were able to enjoy the music played by the Cen Jazz ensemble. They received certificates: Those present received certificates of assistance to this event. Cheer up the patient.



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