"Today for All" supports the work of the Board's hospitals

"Today for All" supports the work of the Board's hospitals

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q1x34ROg0TjL5F In the context of the “Today for everyone” campaign, which brings together 42 Shopping Centers of Ecuador aiming to provide protective equipment for health personnel still working against COVID-19 pandemic; La Rotonda Shopping Center donated 1000 surgical gowns to Luis Vernaza Hospital.

s1y2nj60Fg3Khm San Marino Shopping Center as well donated to Roberto Gilbert Hospital a total of 1000 surgical gowns and 2000 KN95 masks. Estela Bernal, Administrator, said it was a first approach for future donations to JBG, and invited the public to continue getting together so to help the personnel who work in hospitals. X7Pi 5U5cPgjMB

All participants of this campaign have located, in their facilities, containers as donations’ receptors so that the public can contribute.



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