JBG re-elected Cordovez as director of the institution

JBG re-elected Cordovez as director of the institution

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On May 5, 2021 Juan Xavier Cordovez, was re-elected Director of Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil - JBG - . It was his management, carried along with Iván Baquerizo and José Enrique Ribas, as Vice - Directors, that determined such an election made by the Board of Directors in a session with presently and virtually votes.

Juan Xavier Cordovez had been elected in June 2020, in the midst of a health crisis caused by the COVID- 19 pandemic and by an economic crisis due to the unpaid debt of the public health sector (Ministry of Health and Ecuadorian Social Security Institute) to JBG which is one of the biggest health providers nationwide, since its hospitals receive patients referred from public hospitals throughout Ecuador.

The Vice-President of Ecuador, Ms. María Alejandra Muñoz, carried out an outstanding management in the reviewing of those unpaid accounts. She also supported the opening of Santa Luisa de Marillac Educational Unit, which had been closed due to the pandemic.

In other to expand the social services, JBG offers solidarity PCRs for only USD 40,00. Another important decision was to expand the capacity of beds to 140 at the Luis Vernaza Hospital so to meet the growing demand of patients so, 50 beds were set at Intensive Care Unit, 40 in hospitalization and 14 in Emergency.

The search for resources and donations that allow to go on with its social work, mainly fin Luis Vernaza Hospital providing care to COVID- 19 patients, is another aspect on which Junta’s Director focused his first year. Fortunately, he received support from private companies and related organizations with the donation of personal protective equipment, medicine and respirators for Intensive Care Units.

Another of the board's goals was to set up a Specialities’ Hospital that will operate at Alfredo Paulson Hospital, which has ceased to be an exclusive hospital for women and will now expand coverage and services to men and women very soon.



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