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Walter Villon suffered a fracture in his cervical vertebra C5, 36 years ago in a ship accident. Today, together with 56 other persons with different mobility problems, he arrived at the Junta de Beneficencia donations warehouse to receive, free-ofcharge the mobility implement he so badly needs. “My chair needed a change and the Junta has made that possible” he refers and points out that there are Institutions which come together to perform this beneficial work.


Babies born nonexistent will have a special place at the Metropolitan Pantheon to be buried

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Angelito is the name given to the first non-existent baby buried in the 24 niche block that the Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil Metropolitan Pantheon donated to the Archdiocese to offer proper burial to those children unborn.

“Now Angelito already has a name, a blessing and a proper burial said Mons. Luis Gerardo Cabrera, who performed a funerary and inaugural mass in this physical space with a high spiritual value. He did so in the company of Bishop Geovanni Pacciolli and others priests.

During the religious ceremony which was framed in the memory of the faithfully departed, the soul of the unborn was invoked who, for different circumstances were not born and the pain of those mothers who lost them.

Jose Luis Salazar, Cemeteries Inspector for, La Junta de Beneficencia manifested his complacency on seeing his Project become true and from which was born an initiative of the movement “Babies in the hearts of Jose and Maria” for the month of April with the support of the Archdiocese of Guayaquil. “La Junta has always been characterized for the Social work and we did not have any doubt in joining this project with the donation and construction of a niche block for children which will house these little angels who did not get to see the light”, he pointed out.

On the other hand, Cesar salmon, Cemeteries Commercial General manager, recalled that annually, the Patrimonial Cemeteries receives between 12 to 18 baby bodies from the police or maternities who were cremated and given burial space. “Now these children have a special place for them where their mothers or those women who feel identified with this situation can come forward and pray for them.

Finally, Mons Cabrera thanked those persons who made this project a reality and La Junta de Beneficencia, “An Institution which has always been committed to life being present in all stages of life of a human being.”



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A total of 41 persons physically impaired with different pathologies among them Microcephaly, Diabetes, Blindness, Hemiplegia, Amputations, Cerebral Paralysis, Paraplegics, Arthritis; received mobility implements, free of charge, as part of a joint collaboration between la Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil, the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints and the mobility Worldwide Organization.

One of those benefitted was Segundo Malusin and his wife Delia Tibanquiza who was thrilled on receiving the wheelchair she so much needed to take her husband to medical consultations. “Segundo lost his eyesight due to diabetes he carries for 35 years and will probably lose his foot. My shoulders hurt each time I take him to the hospital, I feel very tired”, she pointed out.

Delivery occurred in the Donations Warehouse premises and consisted of 30 wheelchairs, one mechanical propulsion car, 2 walkers and 8 walking canes. Furthermore, representatives from the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints, la Junta de Beneficencia and beneficiaries were present.



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As recognition of the support given to the Guayaquil society and the country, the Movistar Telephone Company delivered the “Maglia Rosa” T-shirt which identified Richard Carapaz as leader of the “Giro de Italia” bicycle race in 2019 to La Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil.

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