130 persons from Loja received wheelchairs

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They arrived at the Simon Bolivar fairgrounds from different rural areas of the Loja Province to receive a mobility implement. They were children, adults and elderly adults with a variety of health problems, anxiously writing for a free-of-charge wheelchair delivery that la Junta de Beneficencia put together in coordination with the Free Wheelchair Mission Organization.

They were thrilled. Some arrived in the company of their family members, others arrived with friends or neighbors. One of them is Alberto Benigno Pinta who came from Nambocola, a rural Parrish from Gonzanamá, a Lojan Canton, to receive his wheelchair for a traffic accident he endured 8 years ago which severed his left arm and destroyed his right knee.

“I thank you all of you who make these deliveries possible for the rest of my days” Pinta pointed out.

Monsignor Alfredo José Espinoza, bishop from Loja, pointed out that this is the first wheelchair delivery from a total of 250 to be delivered. “Solidary is opening your hand” to extend your hand to someone else. This is what is what la Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil does opening a solidary hand through many hands which open so as to share what you all need, he pointed out.

This year the free wheelchair delivery program which is maintained by la Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil in coordination with international entities has improved the mobility of some 486 persons throughout the country.


23 persons received mobility implements

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Elvia Troya arrived early from the Mocache Canton in the Los Rios Province to Guayaquil, however this time she did not do so to attend an appointment with Norelys Ortiz´s traumatologist attending her small nine-year old daughter who suffered from a lack of oxygen at birth. On this occasion they arrived to receive the wheelchair she needed to attend her therapies.

Norelys was part of the 23 beneficiaries who received mobility implements from a Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil delivery performed this morning in coordinartion with the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints, Free Wheelchair Mission and Mobility Worlwide.

“My daugther can´t walk, however she is in school and is undergoing treatment here in Guayaquil while I carry her around. That is why when I found out La Junta could help me out with a wheelchair I requested the form, filled it out and delivered it”, commented Elvia.

The donation is part of a mobility implements, free-of-charge donation program maintained by La Juntra de Beneficencia de Guayaquil for persons of scarce economic means in need of a mobility implement to improve their quality of life.

Beneficiaries were adults, elderly adults and children from the Mocache, Tarifa, Balzar, Naranjal, Durán, Milagro, Daule and Guayaquil Cantons who suffer from limited mobility due to illnesses such as diabetes, alzheimer, blindness, cerebral – vascular accident, hemiplejia, amputations, cerebral paralysis, paraplegic condition, arthritis, among others.


Preventive healthcare is promoted at the central office

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central peso

With a positive response from collaborators the “Healthy Feeding” campaign was brought about on Wednesday the 13th at the Central Office. This activity which drew 106 collaborators was led by the medical department encharged to Dr. Mario Santana, a labor physician whose objective is to promote a health prevention culture while still healthy and therefore avoid illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and others which, if not detected on time can be harmful to your health.

During the 2 hour working day and with the steadfast support of Bachelor Leydi Sudario and the Tecnologico Bolivariano nursing students a basic medical control was broughrt about which consists of blood pressure control, weight, height, mass corporal index and a fast glucose test. Thsose in assistance were given results so as to conduct control.

“Another objective is to help people identify their weight level, stimulate habit formations which improve their quality of live, reduce overweight levels and obesity among the Central office employees”, Dr. Santana pointed out, making it clear that he will continue to motivate collaborators to exercise care in their feeding habits and that new results will be verified at the next occupational medical appointment.


People from Manabi received 104 wheelchairs

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Eight-year old Kerly Loor was one of the beneficiaries who arrived with her mother Maria Sanchez to the “Jesus, the Good Shepard”, Metropolitan Cathedral to receive the wheelchair appropriate for the height and needs of the minor who has been suffering from encephalitis for 4 years. Another beneficiary was Ramon Zambrano who has lost his eyesight and right leg to diabetes and who, due to impoverishment, has been unable to acquire a wheelchair.

They were part of the 104 beneficiaries from different sectors of the Manabí capital who yesterday on the 13th of February received a wheelchair, free of charge, from la Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil in conjunction with the Northamerican Free Wheelchair Mission Organization.

This implement will be of great service since his family members will have a vehicle to ease transportation “Now I will be able to take him to the health center without so much difficulty. He weighs alot and it was hard to get him into a car I had to rent when he had an appointment” commented Julia Valdez, Ramon´s wife while the beneficiaries thanked la Junta de Beneficencia for their donation and requested they keep helping people in need in the rest of the country.

The donation is part of the permanent donations program of mobility implements maintained by la Junta de Beneficencia in conjunction with international organizations which has allowed improvement in the quality of life of thousands of persons throughout the country. In 2018, 1569 persons with special needs were benefitted.

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